Dino started studying the bass at the age of fifteen a long time ago, since his technique has

never stopped developing to the point where he is now considered among the best bass

players in Italy.

He formed his first band in Torino at the age of eighteen but it's only when he came to Rome

in 1972 that he started working in the music scene.

He played as a session musician in studio and on tour with all the major acts in Italy,

people like Claudio Baglioni, Riccardo Cocciante, Alan Sorrenti, Gianni Morandi,

Patty Pravo and Linda Lee.

In the late seventies he played with "Libra" one of

the very few italian 'Jazz-Rock' bands that have

ever sold appreciable amounts of records

in the United States.

All during the eighties he has joined

Nino Rosso's (a superstar trumpetist)

orchestra and has toured with him

worldwide. In the meantime he has

been working as an arranger at the

Italian National T.V Station,

the R.A.I on many of it's shows.

Finally in 1990 he decided to work

on his first 'solo' album, a very

ambitious project called "Summit".

"Summit" is a blend of ethereal

mediterranean atmospheres and jazz.

The dish is served with electric instruments and pure genuine "Chianti".



1- Stage

2- Tam Tam

3- Night People

4- Polaris

5- Copacabana Beach

6- Latin Love

7- Hong Kong - Macao

8- Summit

9- Souvenir

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