Studio (35 mq2)

Recording Areas

I (60 mq2) and II (20 mq2)


Soundtracks IL 4832 (48 Modules)


Optifile Optimix 3D


Westlake BBSM 12, Genelec 1032, Spendor SA 300, Yamaha NS10 Pro, Auratone


BGW 750 D, Quad 410,

Rolls RA 2200 (Headphones)

Analog Machines

Studer A80 MK IV 24 Track

(Analog with Dolby SR)

Otari MTR 12 2 Tracks

(Analog with Dolby SR)

Tascam 122 MK2 (Cassettes)

Digital Machines

Digidesign Pro Tools HD3

(3 x 192 I/O interfaces + 1622 I/O interface)

Digidesign Pro Tools 24

(2 x 1622 I/O interfaces + 820 I/O interface & ADAT Bridge)

Sony PCM 2500 (DAT)


Neumann U87, AKG C12, 414 G, D12, C747, C451 EB, 310, Shure SM57, SM58,

Electrovoice 667A, Sennheiser 441, Earthworks Drumkit System, Sontronics Sigma, AMT M40


AKG, Beyer Dynamics

Effects Processors

Lexicon 480 L, PCM70, LXP 1+ 5, Delta Lab DL2, Eventide H3000 B

T.C Electronics 2290, 1210, Yamaha SPX 1000, Roland SRV 2000, SDE 2000, Klark Teknik DN50, Rockman Sustain+Chorus Delay, Multivox.

Outboard Processors

Focusrite ISA 428, Tube Tech CL B1, Mindprint DTC, Drawmer M500, DL231,1960, Symetrix 511A, 528, Sony DPS-F7, BSS DPR 501, Roland E660, Valley People 610, Aphex C, Rane ME30,Electrospace Spanner.

Our studios where built in 1988 & refurbished in 2013

Miainly for our internal productions but we also hire it to friends and thirds every now and then ...

The basic idea was to work in a relaxed atmosphere without worrying too much about studio time and rates.

Situated in a nice residential area in northern Rome it’s only 15 minutes away from the center and the airport.

We handle audio throughout all formats, from miking with valve stuff to digital editing for web & multimedia


Akai S3000 XL (32MB), Roland D 550, MKS 70 Emulator II, Digidesign Sample Cell II

Korg 01W/ProX, M1 REX, Wavestation A/D, PPG 2.3 WaveTerm,Oberheim OB8, Matrix1000, YamahaTx 7, Waldorf Microwave, Pulse, Clavia NordLead, Kurzweil SX 1000, GX 1000, Charlie Lab's Digitar, Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker, Ovation & Washburn Guitars,

Fender Rhodes MkII, Yamaha Acoustic Piano C3.


2 x Apple G5 MD, G4, MacPro, i7 & 2 x P4 3 Ghz PCs


Pro Tools HD 8, LE10, Logic Pro X, Live 8, Nuendo, Gigastudio, Native Instruments & Arturia Packages