To Carol EP

1- Extended

2- Radio Version

3- House

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1- To Carol

2- Run Run Run

3- Miss You So

4- Love Me Tender

5- Tycoon

6- Wall Street Heart

7- Old Fashion Love

8- Why

9- Dancing with the Moonlit Knight

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Run Run Run EP

1- Ascot Version

2- Grand Prix Version

3- Radio Version

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Miss You So EP

1- Miss Mix

2- Dub Version

3- Radio Version

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Old Fashion Love EP

1- Hollywood Mix

2- Acid Mix

3- Accappella

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The birth of the band dates June 1990 when Paul Mazzolini and Gustavo Romagna-Manoja decided to join again after more than twelve years, in fact they used to have a school band together which of coarse died off soon after each one of them followed his own road at university.

The initial sparkle came from Roger Tempra a self taught guitarist known for his peculiar way of playing his instruments on his thighs horizontally. He and 'Lucky' Scarano, the pianist of the group, were performing together in jazz clubs in Rome when they met Gustavo who decided to produce them.

Gustavo called Paul and  the idea of working together again got so strong that they decided they were going to build up the project as a band. Gustavo did most of the vocal work and played percussions while Roger did the guitars, Lucky the keyboards and Paul the keyboards and the programming. All the arrangements and the ideas were done by the band.

Some of the best musicians available in Italy have contributed to the making of "First",


The single "To Carol" has been released as part of a "A Quarter" represented by the 4 parts of an ancient greek coin, symbol of the band and of Cresus Enterprises.

The 3 remaining parts followed-up as singles before the album was released.